About Us

Art My Breath is a proprietorship firm started on June 21st, 2017 by Charuhas Jayant Damle. The primary intention of starting this art firm is to develop a platform for art associates (Artists & Art Lovers). They can use this platform to collaborate with and create work opportunities for each other. This web portal enables its members to offer and avail various art services & products. The portal is designed to assist members in carrying out their day today art activities. The endeavor is to create a platform which helps in meeting various demand supply equations in art sector by bringing art associates under one roof.

The offline presence of Art My Breath facilitates various offline art activities & back office operations. You are welcome to explore the unique online mode of Art My Breath. You may want to consider this portal as your personal assistant or a virtual office where you can spend your valuable time in pursuing your artistic interests. Let’s join hands, walk together and team up to expand the spread of art in the society by re-discovering, re-defining, and re-establishing the importance of art in all walks of life.

The Journey

"Although I have always found myself more joyful and happy pursuing my artistic interests, it was not an easy decision for me to switch the career from an IT domain to Arts domain.

It was back in the year 2014-15. I was still working with an IT company. Challenging projects, deadlines, work pressure was all part of the game. At times I used to get tensed or stressed due to office situations. But my art & spiritual interests always helped me to stay focused and calm.

One morning, I was heading office with an anxious stressed mind. To calm myself down I started a self-talk. I asked my mind a simple question “what kind of office work will make me happy?”. Obviously the answer was whatever I love doing most. A sudden smile came on my face with a thought of an imaginary art office where I could visualize a huge group of art associates involved in various art projects and I was one of them. This thought made me take a first step in creating a platform for art associates which they can use to collaborate with and create work opportunities for each other.

When I formally started working on this concept, I could sense a gap in the way both society & artists perceive the art. I felt the strong urge to bridge this gap by doing something that would bring art associates together under one roof for a cause. Launch of "Art My Breath" is my first step in this direction. I will be happy when "Art My Breath" succeed in uniting & assisting art associates in their individual art career pursuits. Thank you."

- Charuhas Jayant Damle

The Founder

"Welcome to Art My Breath.

Having talked about the journey of my dream project “Art My Breath”, let me take an opportunity to introduce myself in few lines.

I am an art loving person, music enthusiast and a spiritual seeker. I am a student of Hindustani Classical Music and I have completed my masters in this art form as a vocalist. Singing was my hobby initially which became my passion in later years.

Apart from singing, I also love composing songs and writing poetry. I have released couple of my compositions on Art MY Breath’s YouTube channel. I have also published a Marathi poetry book named "Mrugajalacha Doha". Currently I am working on the second poetry book and planning to publish it soon.

I am an engineering graduate and was associated with IT sector for around 15+ years before switching my career to Arts. During my association with IT sector my passion for music stayed alive.

Pune, being a cultural city, it was obvious for me to meet artists and art lovers in and around the town. At various occasions such as cultural events, concerts, exhibitions, workshops I always love to meet them, talk about art in general, share knowledge and try learning from their experiences.

I would like to thank my Parents, Gurus & Art associates for their continued guidance and support which has always encouraged me to progress on the path of creativity; the path of pursuing, experiencing and enjoying Art."

- Charuhas Jayant Damle

Why Choose Us

  • An exclusively designed and developed platform for the benefit of art associates.
  • A wide range of art categories and sub categories covered .
  • A robust framework with multiple modules designed to assist art associates in their individual art career pursuits.
  • A unique concept of “virtual online office” which art associates can use to spend their quality time creatively by generating work opportunities and art solutions for each other.
  • A one stop solution for many of the artistic needs of the society .
  • Promoting relations among people associated with art sector such as Artist - Audience, Teacher – Student, Seller - Buyer, Service Provider – Service User, Employee – Employer.
  • An attempt of bringing various applied art faculties to the main stream of businesses & service sectors.