Privacy Policy

Last updated on December 28, 2021

This Privacy Policy describes Art My Breath's ( and/or its subsidiaries/affiliates, (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Art My Breath", "we", "our", "Charuhas Jayant Damle", "Proprietor of Art My Breath", "Founder of Art My Breath", "Owner of Art MY Breath") practices in relation to the collection, use, storage, disclosure and transfer of your information that you provide to us through our online facilities including, without limitation, official website, applications, social media sites and any other digital services or facilities used or operated by Art My Breath from time to time (collectively, the 'Sites').

Please note that our Privacy Policy is a part and parcel of Policy Terms and Conditions of Use available at

By using our Services, you agree to this policy and consent to our use of your information in accordance with the terms of this policy.

You have an option to not provide us with the information sought by us or withdraw the consent previously given. However, in such a case, Art My Breath reserves the right to not provide you with the Services.

You undertake to keep your password and other credentials confidential in relation to the use of Art My Breath and we disclaim any liability arising from your failure to do so. If it comes to your knowledge that your password has been compromised for any reason, you should immediately contact us.

General visit to our sites does not require revelation of your personal information. However, to analyze the data pertaining to the visit of users, we track down the internet address of the domains used by the users.

Collection and storage of Information

A person who has not attained the age of 18 years (herein after referred as Minor) is not allowed to make transaction on the Art My Breath. It shall be deemed that Legal Guardians/Parents of the User has given their consent to make transaction/booking on the Art My Breath and therefore we disclaim any liability arising from the acts of minor(s).

Contact Information

Name, age, gender, phone number, street, city, state, country, communication address, email-id, profile pictures, username, password, the government authorized identity cards or certificate and any other related information.

There are few more details that may be asked specifically from the website users viz. artists, teachers, guest users, member users, vendors and business partners. The data or information may include category and subcategory of work, project name, social media links, professional experience, name, and details of companies, a range of gigs, services offered and pricing details.

Payment Information

Your billing name, billing address, and payment method for purchase and subscription. Your credit/debit card and other bank details are not collected by us. This information will be obtained and processed by our online partners.

The Information you post- Information that you post or your activities on our platforms will be collected by us.

Other information

We may collect the address of your Internet Protocol, Operating System' Version and details of other equipment or device you use to access our services , browser's details, duration and frequency of your visit to our platforms, pages you visit (including third party sites or services), date and time of your visit, location of your device, metadata, log files, error logs, state or country from which you accessed Art My Breath, other geographic and demographic information, other hardware and software information, any pop up an dpush messages you might have seen and responded to, recording/downloading/uploading/listening/streaming/sharing of tracks, downloading/uploading/sharing of work, performing a search, follow/unfollow a group or another user, joining or leaving a group. We may collect information to provide consultation, analytical report, to improve your EPK's and PR. We will inform you if we collect other than the above-mentioned information.

Mode of Collection and storage of information

We may collect information directly from you at the time of registration and when you otherwise provide us with your personal data.

We may collect information by using tracking technologies like browser, cookies, google webmaster, google analytics, web beacons and other tracking tools.

We may collect information when you sign up Art My Breath through any social media platforms. You authorize us to collect your authentication information available through the third-party platforms. We may also receive information from our business partners, vendors and other service providers. We may also collect your personal data when you participate in activities promoted by us.

We may collect your personal data when you complete contact forms or request newsletters and/or other information from us via any mode.

To authenticate your identity as an author of your work that you upload, your comments that you post, and other activities that you do on our platforms.

Use of Information

Information obtained from you and from other sources as mentioned in this policy will be used for the following purposes subject to the preferences you make in your settings.

to allow your access to our platforms to avail our services.

for verification and authentication of your identity as a user. Also, to authenticate your identity as the originator of your work that you upload, your comments that you post, and other activities that you do on our platform.

Verifying and carrying out financial transaction related to any payments or transfers you make.

to provide customer and technical support and to send notifications via email, sms, calls with regard to your account and our services. Also, to provide live chat facilities.

to do an analysis for art associates (artists & art lovers, sponsors, teachers, audience members etc.) about the behaviour of users in relation to their uploaded work.

to improve our services to provide you with a safe and user-friendly experience.

to enforce our terms of use and to prevent illegal and prohibited activities on our platforms so as to enhance the safety and security of our users, services and products. Necessary action shall be taken against the activities that are or may be, in breach of Terms, guidelines or applicable laws.

To display personalized contents, advertisements, marketing messages recommendations, events, our latest features and products, promotional developments. and other related information based on your preferences and to know about your preferences, we may use your information provided by you and obtained from the third party.

To process and manage transaction when you sell and purchase through our services. Information may be shared with third-party which assist in processing the transaction.

Your information may be used for audit and tax compliance. Your information may be used for other purposes. We will take your prior permission to the additional use of your information.

Sharing of your information

Subject to your privacy settings, your public profile details (except your login username), your uploaded work, comments and other activities that you want make public on our platforms will be accessible to the other users. Your contact information such as but not limited to your Name, email ID, Mobile number will be shared with website users as and when they avail services and products offered by you on the website. For Example: when user “X” books an event offered by user “Y”, website may trigger a communication mail or message towards “Y” informing him about the transaction done by user “X”. Such mail may contain user “X” ‘s contact details. If need be, user “Y” ‘s contact details will also be shared with user “X”. By agreeing to the terms mentioned in this privacy policy it is considered that you accept such exchange of your contact information among website users.

Information will be shared with our affiliates, vendors, event organizers, business partners, payments processing organization, customer support services, credit risk management companies, any other companies, which assist us to process activities on our behalf and enable us to provide you with our services efficiently. They may further share your information as described in the privacy policy. We may also share your data with advertising networks, and/or social media platforms for analytical purpose and to provide you relevant adverts via those network/platforms.

When you want to connect your Art My Breath account to other social networking sites or applications, you may share your information with these sites or applications. Please be aware that we are not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites or services to which we link. We do not endorse or make any representations about third-party websites or services. Our Privacy Policy does not cover any personal information or data you choose to provide or that is collected by these third parties. We strongly advise you to peruse such third parties’ privacy statements.

Information may be disclosed before courts, government authorities and law enforcement agencies to comply with legal/administrative proceeding and/or any legal obligations.

Information may be disclosed to protect or defend the legitimate interest, rights, safety or property of Art My Breath and its employees, shareholders, directors, officers, artists, users, event organizers, associates and related concerned person/authority/organization.

In the event of merger, acquisition or change in control of Art My Breath, your information will be shared with the successor(s) who will own all or part of our business. They will use your information as per this privacy policy.

We shall reasonably endeavour to ensure that our affiliates shall keep your data secure from any unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure or any similar risks while sharing your personal data with such parties subject to the interventions which are out of our control. In case you come to know that your privacy has been breached, please contact us immediately.

Rights of User

You may withdraw your consent at any time if you do not wish to avail our services.

You may delete your information under certain conditions.

You may restrict certain use of your information under specific circumstances.

You may, at any time, review the information provided by you and correct/amend any such information.

You may ask for disclosure regarding the usage of your information.

You may lodge a complaint by writing to

Retention of Information

You may delete your content or account, but due to technical reasons, any content that you have deleted may exist for a limited period of time on our servers. In addition, in the event that you have shared your content with others and they have not deleted that content then the same may appear even after deletion of your own account/content. Any misuse of such deleted content that exists will not have our consent. Also, to perform legal obligations we may retain your information to protect our legitimate interest.

Quality of Data

You acknowledge that all your data provided by you on using and accessing Art My Breath is updated, complete and authenticated.

Security Practices

We implement reasonable practices and procedure to safeguard the personal information provided by you. We also ensure a standard of protection to your personal data if it is transferred to a different territory.


Please refer back to this policy occasionally as we may update this policy from time to time.

Grievance Redressal

You may address all your grievance in relation to Contact number: +91-8484911179, Email address: We will respond back as soon as possible.

Complaints sent to the must clearly indicate your name, contact details, the kind of information in relation to which the complaint is being filed and the grievance with respect to the information.